A subsidiary of CRYSTAL, CRYSTAL DRONES is a French company and international leading provider of unforgettable moments and experiential innovation.
We design bespoke shows in accordance with global safety standards.

CRYSTAL DRONES’ management team

Michel Amann founded CRYSTAL. He has put together a team of artists and artisans whose mediums include water, ice, fire, scenography and special effects. CRYSTAL DRONES was born from their fascination with innovative drone technology which offered the possibility of putting on spectacular and utterly memorable shows.

Michel Amann

Bringing over 20 years of experience in the management and technical production of major international events, Christophe found his particular niche in creating special effects and running with technological challenges to produce incredible experiences that would blow the minds of audiences.

After years of collaboration with CRYSTAL, Christophe saw it as a natural step to join forces with Michel for this new exciting venture.

Christophe Montet

Our drone fleet

CRYSTAL DRONES has a fleet of 500 drones handled by a pro team of pilots, engineers and technical specialists. Our French-manufactured drones are fitted with leading-edge technology. They can be positioned to the nearest centimetre resulting in the most incredible displays imagined by our team of drone artistic choreographers. Our drones are equipped with RGB LEDs that are perfect for displaying messages, logos and animations in the sky. Whatever you want, where you want!

Notre flotte

Our creativity

CRYSTAL DRONES’ artistic choreographers design shows that match the needs and wants of the customer and the key values singled out for the event. Using high-precision 3D simulations, they are skilled at designing original figures and sequences and creating the colours and special light effects for each new show. In the choreography design software, the images come to life and the customer gets to picture what the show will look like prior to the event. Technological prowess that means every customer has the opportunity to see a full and true animation of the event.

Our professionalism

All of our remote pilots are trained and certified. They can put on complex shows in all kinds of environments. In total control of their drones, our remote pilots make public safety their number one priority. One of the great strengths of CRYSTAL DRONES is the capacity to put on true-to-life tests before the event. For this we have two test zones: one with capacity for 250 drones and another with space to display as many as 500 drones in flight.

Notre professionnalisme