How much does a show cost?

Each show is made to order. The cost of a drone show depends on various factors including the duration, the location, the complexity of the display and, of course, the number of drones required.

Prices start at €15,000 and can go up to €200,000.

You also have the option of making the most of the talent and experience offered by CRYSTAL to combine drone flights with other features such as fireworks, flames, video projections and water effects.

Please talk to us about what you have in mind so we can put together a quote tailored to your specific project.

How long does it take to plan a drone show?

Our shows are bespoke and are designed to reflect your image and your requirements. It takes about 5-6 weeks to design and sign off with you the choreography, colours and transitions of your show.

During this time, we handle the administrative procedures to secure flying authorisations, compulsory for any drone show.

Where can I have a drone show?

Drone shows can only be performed outside. We can assess any type of site.

Drones are capable of flying over water, for example.

In terms of geography, CRYSTAL DRONES has performed shows all over the world.

Our teams are ready to travel all over Europe and internationally.

We are abreast of the administrative procedures in every country which means we can respond quickly to planning your event overseas.

For each project, we carry out a survey of the particular constraints of each site. Talk to us about your event today!

How many drones can we have?

CRYSTAL DRONES has already flown a swarm of 1,000 drones.

It all depends on the scale of your project.

What conditions must be in place for a drone show to go ahead?

For a show to go ahead and match your expectations, the following conditions must be met:

– Almost no wind or up to 35 km/h
– No rain, storms, snow or hail
– Temperature above -5°.

We also need to respect a minimum distance from the audience during the show.

Is there any danger to the audience?

Absolutely not!

We install safety perimeters (no-fly zone) so the spectators get to enjoy the show in total safety. The drones are configured so that they never fly beyond the programmed zone.

In addition, safety software and hardware are installed to allow drones to fall to the ground within the no-fly zone in the event of any problems.

Observers are also present during the duration of the show. They are able to disconnect any drones should any issue arise.

For shows where the audience is likely to be greater than 5,000 people (or if a general public call-out is made), we provide Flight Directors. Flight Directors are recognised by the authorities to oversee the safe and smooth running of aerial displays in front of an audience. Their presence is stipulated in a French order of 10 November 2021.

Who secures the authorisations from the various authorities?

CRYSTAL DRONES handles all the paperwork.
It has proven experience and an excellent reputation meaning that authorities are swift to issue authorisations requested by CRYSTAL DRONES.